Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (2023)

A list of the best tools to back up and protect your files

byRadu Tyrsin

Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (1)

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Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (2)

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  • If you handle critical data every day, backing up your files is not just a best practice recommendation, but a necessity.
  • Power users, such as network administrators, may need more than just local backup software solutions, such as server backup programs.
  • Also, consider using data recovery software if you haven't created a backup on time and want to recover your files.

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No matter how advanced you are, technology can take a nasty turn and you could be one step away from losing your files.

Hard drives, for example, have been known to fail, and today's ransomware can make the contents of a computer inaccessible.

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With digital content becoming crucial to business and personal assets, including videos, photos, and music, it's obvious that protecting everything with backup software has become more critical than ever.

Therefore, you should know the easy ways touse Windows 11 backup settingsand enhance it with some of the best software. This guide contains the list of the best backup software to use on Windows 11 today.

Why should you use backup software?

There are many reasons why you need to use backup software. For example, your device could be stolen, your hard drive could fail unexpectedly, or you could become a victim of malware.

If you don't want to risk losing all your data, consider using backup software, preferably cloud-based, as it's a more secure option than a physical backup device.

Choosing to save everything to an external hard drive is not enough to protect your information. Physical storage devices can fail just as fast as your PC due to human error or viruses.

And while no one likes to back up their computer's system, documents, and media files, doing so can save you a lot of work.

Today, there are many backup programs that can help you automatically copy all your data in the background while you work.

So whether you're running a business or just a personal PC user, it's vital to use some form of backup for all your documents and data.

These five apps can take care of your system for you, so you never have to worry about losing all your data again.

Is Windows Backup Good Enough?

Windows backup feature is good enough to save your files. Also, it is safe and you can trust it.

However, you cannot compare it with dedicated backup tools. So you can continuously improve it.

What is the best backup software for Windows 11?

uranium backup- The best SUV

If you're looking for reliable backup software for personal and business data, you can't go wrong with Uranium Backup.

Even in its free version, this tool helps you perform full file and folder backups, incremental backups, and even differential backups.

It is a really efficient powerhouse with automatic backup features that is also compatible with Windows Server.

The solution will allow you to copy data from local or network drives to any mass storage device.

And if you're worried about safety, don't! This is because Uranium Backup can apply 256-bit AES encryption to safely store your data.

You can also perform Zip64 compression when backing up your files, so you can save a lot of space on your backup drives.

If you have a lot of fonts to back up, running them manually would be very difficult. However, with this solution's scheduling system, you can automatically schedule the operation for any date and time.

For any advanced features like cloud backup, file and folder sync, or drive image backup, you'll need to purchase a higher version like Uranium Backup Base.

In fact, there are no less than seven versions that offer different levels of complexity and services, so go ahead andcheck their websiteto see what is best for your needs.

Just so you know, no registration or credit card is required for the free trial, so you can try it right away. If you are looking for the best free automatic backup software for Windows 11, Uranium is your preferred choice.

Take a look at Uranium Backupbest features:

  • Automatic and scheduled backup
  • Full 256-bit AES data encryption
  • Backs up all data on your local or network sources to any external mass storage device
  • With the Base version, you can store your backups in the cloud and perform file and folder sync and Drive Image Backup
  • Very easy to use interface that can be used by anyone.
Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (6)

uranium backup

Use this complex backup solution to protect all your data with 256-bit AES encryption on any media.

Free Trial Visit the website

Acronis Cyber ​​​​Protect Home Office- Ideal for home use

Acronis provides one of the best backup software that is easy to use and packed with features for home users.

your solution,Cyber ​​Protection Home OfficeThe service formerly known as True Image, is capable of creating full copies of disk images for maximum protection against disasters.

Acronis True Image combines backup, disk cloning, rescue disk creation, and many other system utilities and disk tools.

(Video) What Backup Program Should I Use? A Recommended Approach

The program brings some features exclusive to backup software, including mobile backup and Facebook as well.

It comes with the most accessible interface and on the other hand, it allows experts to explore some really detailed backup options.

The learning curve of this solution is very steep because the interface is modern, easy to use,and directand everything is just a click away.

This program also comes with a tool for archiving and analyzing large files and you can access it from its dedicated button on the interface.

Additionally, there is the option to encrypt your backup with a password to ensure that only you have access to that backup.

check yourbest featuresto protect your system:

  • By default, thistoolselect the entire PC as the source of your backup
  • You will be able to switch to specific drives, files, partitions or folders
  • Get an estimate of the space required for the selected backup
  • You also have the option to encrypt your backup with a password.
  • After the backup is complete, you will have two options, Recover PC and Recover Files
Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (8)

Acronis Cyber ​​​​Protect Home Office

Back up your system safely with an easy to use and fast tool and protect your data with a password.

see the price Visit the website

– Friendly and fast solution

Paragon Advanced Backup and Recoveryit is an easy-to-use tool and comes with wizards that will guide you through the most common backup scenarios.

Keep in mind that the company updates it aggressively, so now it has reached its advanced version that supports Windows 11.

The software also comes with more advanced features aimed at enthusiast users, including Paragon's powerful disk management tools and scheduling options for your backup: daily, on-demand, weekly, and one backup.

If you try to restore an entire system, the software will tell you that it is better to do it with external recovery media.

Expert tip:


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You already know that any backup process takes time, but with this tool you will be able to see the estimated time so that you can do something in between.

However, the software is quite fast. You can create a 15 GB backup in about 5 minutes, but that also depends on the speed of your drive.

Take a look atbest featuresincluding:

  • Otoolcomes with great usability and performance improvements compared to previous versions
  • Its interface has been completely revamped and is now easier than ever.
  • The interface comes with three tabs, Home, Main and X-View
  • During the backup creation, you will get the estimated backup time
  • For backup, Paragon creates a virtual hard disk with alldata
Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (10)

Paragon Advanced Backup and Recovery

Schedule your backup and enjoy a simple interface to protect your data with just a few clicks.

see the priceVisit the website

Stellar Data Recovery– Ideal for recovering files

Stellar Data Recoverymakes it easy to recover lost or deleted files from your computer hard drive or any other external storage device.

(Video) [2022] Top 5 Best Backup Software for windows 11

One of the most effective features of this tool is the file search. Allows you to search for them by name, type, destination folder, or destination folder in a logical drive while checking the optionDeleted files / Existing files.

It has two levels of scanning: fast and complete. If the tool does not find the information you are looking for after the quick scan, it will automatically enter deep scan mode.

And that's not all, it can perform data recovery from CF cards, flashcards, SD cards (mini SD, micro SD and SDHC) and minidisks.

Taking advantage of the theme, you also have the possibility to recover data from portable devices like your camera or camcorder as long as the data is stored on an internal memory card.

The tool supports more than 300 file types, so it's hard to challenge it with some unidentifiable data along the way.

If you want a cherry on top, know that Stellar Data Recovery will also recover emails, a valuable resource for anyone who has encountered this situation. In fact, it is an ideal backup and restore tool for Windows 11.

here are yourmost important features:

  • Recover deleted files (including media files)
  • Supports more than 300 file types
  • Recover files from portable devices (as long as the data is stored on the memory card)
  • Damaged hard drive data recovery
  • custom file classification
  • email recovery
Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (12)

Stellar Data Recovery

If you did not make a backup and lost your files, this tool will recover your data quickly and safely.

see the priceVisit the website

AOMEI Backupper Profesional- Ideal for professional use

AOMEI Backupit is one of the best backup software tools available in the market that aims to protect your important files as well as your operating system.

You should know that AOMEI is constantly improving its services and products, offering more advanced and effective features with each new version.

It is possible to choose a network drive as the destination and at the same time select multiple files on a NAS as the backup source.

You can resume the computer from sleep or wake mode to run scheduled tasks and optimize the USB connected window when the system is in high resolution.

There is also an option to optimize the calculation method of theRunapplication once a day to synchronize the calculation time with the computer time.

As you can see, the solution is highly customizable and can even optimize the backup scheme to automatically delete old backups according to defined parameters.

Everything seems complicated, but when it comes to the interface, you will discover a simple and easy to use interface that can be accessed intuitively.

here are yourmost important features:

  • Backup and restore system, partition, hard drive, files
  • Clone your hard drive or partition
  • Resume PC from sleep/wake mode for scheduled tasks
  • Manage incremental backup and automatic backup
  • Simple and friendly interface
Windows 11 Backup Software: 6 Best to Use (14)

AOMEI Backupper Profesional

If the backup process seems complicated, get this great tool from AOMEI to make things easier.

see the price Visit the website

Backup– Great free tool

BackupIt is a backup solution that features easy scheduling and simple modes, making it very easy for anyone to use.

While it doesn't have as many features as other backup tools on this list, it's a pretty capable backup utility.

You will be able to back up your files quickly with the help of the Where/What/How/When Backup wizard, which will make things much easier for beginners.

One great feature of this tool is that you can use multiple backup destinations, including external drives, or even store it online. This makes it the best backup tool to backup Windows 11 to an external drive.

(Video) What Free Backup Program Should You Use

Of course, for this you'll also need a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, but since you probably already use one, the integration will be easy.

And once the backup is done, this tool also has a restore wizard that will guide you to recover the data in just a few clicks.

Finally, while it doesn't have many features, it's free, so you can try it with no budget implications.

Are heremost important features of FBackup:

  • Exact copies of files using the Mirror Backup option
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Easy to use interface with helpful wizards
  • Multiple backup destinations including external drives, CD/DVD, online
  • Cloud backups directly to Google Drive or Dropbox

Get FBackup

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How can I back up my files in Windows 11?

Using backup software is the safest option, but you can also back up your data using File History, a Windows 11 setting.

  1. GonnaEstrellaand clicksettingsmake menu.
  2. Select theaccountsleft section and chooseWindows Backupfrom the right
  3. By default, OneDrive is already set as a backup option, but you can clickManage sync settingsto adjust the settings.
  4. You'll be able to decide which folders to sync, how often to back them up, and how long to keep files before deleting them.

File history is now archiving your data. These Windows settings give you the ability to change your backup options based on your needs, such as how often you want to back up your files or which folders you want to back up.

However, File History can only be used with external hard drives or network locations and can only back up entire folders; therefore, choosing a backup software is the smart choice.

How do I back up my entire computer?

To back up your entire Windows computer, you can use the built-in backup tool. We showed you how to do this in the previous section.

So make sure you implement the steps carefully.

These are the best backup tools for Windows 11, and each of them includes useful features to protect your data and save you a lot of effort in case of potential disasters.

Install any of these programs and save copies of your most important photos, music, and other files to your drive or in the cloud.

For more options, check out our list, including thebest backup software for external drives, and maybe get more ideas.

You won't regret the expense because it's a very small price to pay for your peace of mind and the protection of your data.

If you have anything to add or just have a question, feel free to use the comments section below and we'll get back to you.

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